Sunday, September 11, 2005


This month's Blogging for Books is being hosted by Joshilyn and Mir. The topic is "superheroes."

Now we've done it. We've pissed off Aquaman.

I wonder what was the final straw? Was it as long ago as Exxon? Or one too many dumping companies? Maybe we're lucky and this was yet another warning, we still have time to mend our ways.

Maybe that's not so lucky after all.

Who knew Aquaman was so powerful? He looks like such a dork, who cares that he has power over 90% of the world? We're busy saving the world for democracy, man! Who's got time for some little pissant with delusions of grandeur?

Well, who's the pissant now.

Please help us, Aquaman.
We'll make you a better looking outfit.


Anonymous said...

This should have been published all over the world. What a great oblique comment. I think we all know who the pissant is. And his outfits look fine.

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